Millenium 3000 Aquarium Filter

Millenium 300 Filter: Keep Your Aquarium Clean Quietly

Filtration is one of the most important things you should consider carefully when you want to have aquarium in your house. Filtration, whether it is chemical, mechanical, or biological, will affect the cleanliness of the tank as well as supporting the fish to live and grow up well. Without a good filtration system, the aquarium will be like a messed up tank with so many dirt and no beautiful fish. Besides keeping the environment on the tank healthy, filtration will help you on aerating the water on which the fish can live well.

millenium 3000 aquarium filter

millenium 3000 aquarium filter

There are a wide range of aquarium filters available on the market place; such as box filter, under gravel filter or UGF, canister filter, sponge filter, diatomic filter, fluidized filter, and wet/dry filter. You should not take one of these filter types randomly. Few things you must think of before getting filter for your aquarium are, for instance, the size of the tank, type of fish, and the kind of water you use for the aquarium.

Some problems may arise during the usage of aquarium filter, one of which is the quietness. Filtration will involve the process of aerating water through which noisy may appear. Millenium 3000 aquarium filter is the one you should try to have a quite-quiet aquarium filter in your house. Millenium aquarium systems provide external aquarium filters which products can perform several filtration systems like biological, wet/dry, mechanical, and chemical filtration.

Millenium 3000 aquarium filter includes the technology of ImpellAir Tube assembly, impeller cover with venture, adjust-flow Siphon, and impeller holder. The tube with telescopic intake is suitable for various depths which is adjustable for any aquarium need. This is the latest series of Millenium aquarium filters, after the Millenium 100 and Millenium 200 Filters.

In general, this Millenium aquarium filter is constructed by nice features as a goo filter. Begins from the tube, Millenium 3000 has intake tube which consists of two parts. Both of them have adjustable length, so that you can use it for different size of fish tanks. The air intake tube is able to mix the air bubbles together with the incoming water. Such performance shows the wet-dry filtration which supports the bio-filtration system. This may cause little noise but fortunately the bubbles can be reduced and even stopped easily.

A plastic grid is there to provide a way for the mixed water and air. The bacterial colony is on that grid. Separated from the chemical/mechanical filter cartridge, this grid makes it easier to exchange the cartridge without destructing the colony of bacterial on the grid. This biological grid enables the bacteria to stay secure on the aquarium; which will bring free the water from any toxin and dirt. By applying this Millenium 3000, you will be able to see the water clear like crystal and healthy because no toxin is there. Moreover, the flow of the water on the aquarium will run very well. You can even adjust this flow from the maximum speed up to zero speed, so that cutting back the water current will take you less effort.

Another excellence of Millenium 3000 is that the filter combines all types of filtration system: the mechanical, biological, and chemical. As we know, mechanical/chemical filtration will remove the unintended particles on the water in order to make the water sparkle clearly. It will also help to maximize the performance of the biological filtration. Meanwhile, biological filtration itself will move away the wasteful materials through the bacteria colony. This combination seems to guarantee the healthy environment in your aquarium tank as well as keep the fish comfortable to live. Furthermore, Millenium 3000 is easy to set up and use. Hence, it is suitable for all kinds of aquarium lovers: the experienced, the hobbyist, even the novice or the beginner.

Millenium 3000 aquarium filter has remarkable design. This external filter lets you to pull the packets out without disturbing the bacterial colony because both of them are separated. Bacteria, which are the main actor for biological filtration, are given a separated room to grow and do their maximum performance. The assembly process is also easy. You can also exchange the partitions of Millenium 3000 whenever it needs rejuvenation. Many of them are available in single piece on the market place.

One thing that becomes the reason why people love Millenium 3000 is the affordable price. Compared to other similar products, its price is relatively cheap. Thus, some customers regard it as one of the best buy products in aquarium world. If you are interested to get one of this Millenium 3000 aquarium filters, you can browse to get the best retailer offering best product and best prices. Millenium may not be ther perfect and the quietest aquarium filter, but it contributes less noise to your aquarium and give health guarantee for the water as for the fish.

DIY Aquarium Sump Filter

DIY Aquarium Sump Filter Overview

Many people say that sump filtration is one best aquarium filter system because it is effective and efficient system to clean aquarium water. The system has many advantages if you compare it with other aquarium filtration. It is require second tank to your display aquarium, and you may think it would be complicated, disastrous, and expensive. Even it a little bit complicated, but you can DIY aquarium sump filter yourself with cheaper material and with overflow system, it will prevent disaster.

diy aquarium sump filter

diy aquarium sump filter

Before you make decision, of course you need to know what it is and what make it advantageous. The simple way to define sump filter is using second tank that you put it under or lower than your display aquarium in order to receive drainage water from above display tank. The filtering process occurs on the sump tank and the clean water is bringing back by to the display tank using powerhead.

You will see it complicated since second tank mean more space needed. Of course, it is. Therefore, if you need sump filter you must sure you have enough space for it. In addition, it is very useful for high bioload tank that cause the water messy and dirty easily. If not, you may not want to sacrifice the space. The other downside of sump filter is more noise, but there are something your can do to overcome it, including using quietest aquarium filter.

Nevertheless, the advantages of sump filter could overweigh the negatives. The first is you can have more total water volume on your system that mean you can maintain stability of good water condition such as PH, temperature, and salinity. The second advantage is you can hide equipment and filtration process because you put it on the tank under the display tank and you can cover it.

The next advantage is you can keep the display tank water level constant. Using overflow system, water level in display tank remain constant because it will automatically drain the tank when water level raise and stop draining after the water reach the adjusted level. The overflow system is also good to prevent disaster of water drain out if somehow the pump fails because it will stop draining and keep the water enough for the fish. You will also get benefits from less electricity due to gravity drainage so you will only need one pump.

Sump filter make maintenance more easier because high visibility to the filter that you can easily notice when it need to change. It also helps you to change water easier because you can do it using the sump. If you grow plants on the sump tank, it will help you to soak up the hazardous nitrate in the water. Now that you know the benefits of sump filter, you may want to DIY aquarium sump filter.

Of course, the best way is call aquarium professional to do it. Yet, if you want to save your money, you can do it yourself. The first thing you must prepare is the sump. It could be anything that could hold water. It could be another tank, an old tank maybe, or you can also use Rubbermaid, plastic container, etc. Find anything already available in your home before you buy the new one. For the size, it depend on your aquarium size, space available under the display tank, filtering system, how much total water you want, and what equipments you want to put on it such as heater and protein skimmer. You can use 30gallons sump for 30gallons tank, but sometime 10gallons sump is enough.

The next thing you need it piping. You can work with or without overflow system. If you do not want to use overflow system, you can simply drill a hole at the bottom of your display tank and install drainage pipe from the display tank to the sump. You need to install long pipe that high enough to drain the water from the top. The purpose of high pipe is preventing drain out if the pump fails.

If you want to use overflow system, you need to follow the instruction given on the overflow box. If you already have an overflow installed on your display tank, you will only need to work with the hole to provide overflow to your sump.

Those are simple example of DIY aquarium sump filter. Many tank arrangements with more devices to use are available. Some people use three compartments tank so the sump is level with the display tank and the overflow water goes from the hole in the compartment’s barrier. Some people make the sump tall higher than display tank and reverse the system by pumping the water to the sump and flow clean water from sump down to the display tank. Everything is depending on your condition and creativity.